We are a Greek based, European company serving the needs for transport and logistics across Greece and the continent in a professional, reliable, accountable and efficient way in accordance to international standards.


We are serving the transport and logistics market.

The company provides transport, forwarding and 3PL services for local and foreign clients. Through its integration, size, focus and expertise, the company is a leader and pioneer in the industry in Greece.


  • The company was founded in 1999.
  • Its main business is transport and logistics.
  • The company also owns a top quality vineyard (maison de vin).
  • A part of the company deals with real estate constructions.


Branches and warehouses in:

  • Patras, GR
  • Aspropyrgos, Athens, GR
  • Thessaloniki, GR


Although it is growing in large economies, transport and logistics in Greece is an industry still growing. The regional character of producers and their relative small size has limited the growth of the industry. However, with a growing need for access to European markets for supplies and customers, and nationwide coverage, these companies have increased requirements for storage, distribution and transport services. CABEROS ENTERPRISES is among the few companies that can fill this need. Looking ahead, we foresee a steady growth for the industry, because:

Greece has never been an industrialized economy. With the influx of smaller economies with low labor costs in the European market, production facilities from Greece will be moving their facilities to new countries. This shift is also due to the desire for closer proximity to supply sources. However, Greece remains a strong regional consumer market, therefore there is strong demand for transport and logistics providers to cover the distance from producers to consumers.

In the new reality of business logic, we see multinational corporations down to home industries striving to reduce costs. Geographic distances, varying consumer demands, economic downturns and unpredictable government policies are a few of the factors that constitute warehousing and distribution direct by producers as a focal point for cost reduction. On the other hand, transport and logistics providers are a reliable, cost-effective alternative that most companies turn to.

Speed, flexibility and global reach are some key factors of success for producers. It is imperative to have access to consumers and suppliers faster than competitors and to have a wide range of choice. Setting up branches and multiple foreign or local facilities is outdated and costly. Outsourcing is the new practice employed by successful companies. Using transport and logistics firms, allows producers to have global access to suppliers and consumers, fast, reliably and cost effectively.


The company offers an integrated range of services to clients:

  • Transport – local and overseas
  • Forwarding – worldwide coverage
  • Warehousing – storage for local market needs or for exports
  • Distribution – to local market channels
  • Included in our services are customs clearance, loading/unloading of vessels, repackaging, and information to clients


  • 13 forklifts of varying ton capacity
  • 2 cranes 40 ton and 30 ton respectively
  • Cooperation with 150 trucks all over the country to facilitate the smooth and prompt transport of goods
  • On the premises technical shop for repairs and maintenance
  • Integration of services
  • Qualified personnel and management


More than 150 independent drivers and individuals cooperate with us, in order to transport and deliver goods, all over Greece.

Also, a well established network is ready to facilitate our customers, regarding customs clearance, loading/unloading of vessels, repackaging, etc.

Fundamentals to Success

Our clients demand high quality services, reliability and dependability, prompt and accurate actions and reports – among the many requirements. We have been successful in meeting these demands because of the strong emphasis we place on the following fundamentals:

Ship Everywhere, Ship Fast

• Integration of services that cover our clients’ varying needs

• Coverage of the national market (Greece) with a European focus and access


• Respect for all clients regardless of size – each and every client is a valuable partner for the company

• Reliable, prompt and accountable service


The company has achieved in the span of four years it is active to be a leader in the field in Greece. This does not however mean that the company is not looking ahead. The company aims to enhance its leadership in the market and expand its frontiers to more markets. The key elements of this drive for success include:

The company is probably the sole firm in the field providing an integrated range of services for all transport and logistics needs. Our current clients know this and we are now starting to expand to new clients and new markets where our integration is a key element for clients. Clients will demand such services and we are already in position to profit from this demand. Taking into account our large warehouse in Patra that is still new and thus unutilized and our expertise, we are confident that this strategy will pay off shortly.

The company already has agreements with 150 trucks to provide better service to clients. This strategy we plan to use more aggressively in other areas, such as warehousing and distribution to expand our geographic coverage and improve our service rate. An extension of this strategy is the acquisition of smaller companies in the field if they have access to markets and technology or know-how that the company does not already have.

The company has already made significant investments in assets and we will continue to invest in key assets that will enhance our leadership role and increase our capacity to provide better service. Of course this strategy could not omit investment in people as the company wants to be a pole of attraction for highly qualified people

Through the implementation of the above mentioned key strategies we are confident that the company will enhance its leadership role in the market and make significant inroads to new markets and clients both local and foreign.


Based on the industry potential, our strengths and the position we are currently in this market, we are very confident that the future will be bright for CABEROS ENTERPRISES because we are in place to profit from the growth, and we know what needs to be done to enhance our position for the future.